The Lexicon of Eternity

We know that inside you are multiple personalities. 

Their desires, dreams, and inner conflicts. All of them are looking for a glimpse of eternity in something else. Raves. Art. Rituals. And all of them form you. 

The Lexicon of Eternity collection consists of six unisex perfumes you can layer to create countless unique combinations. Hidden among them is the one for you.

It doesn’t matter if you spend your time at a rave, in a gallery, or a yoga class — or if you do it all in one day. It’s the constellation of your many contrasts that makes you a unique person. How you express it is up to you.

The Lexicon of Eternity consists of six archetypal perfumes. Discover  which one will suit the most to your personality.



You’ve known us through the years. The studio store in Letná. Alex and her baby bump at Designblok. The pandemic. Store opening, store closing. Designer collabs we’re still very proud of. And a hell lot of work.

Alexmonhart needed to pause and focus, so it’s ready for a crisp new chapter in 2024. We’re working on something big. Stay tuned, we can’t wait to show you.