The Lexicon of Eternity


Six perfumes, six archetypes. Countless ways of layering them to find your signature combination that reverberates with your soul. 

We wanted to create a perfume for all your personalities.The ones that are hidden inside you and the ones that you’re happy to show off. Whether you spend your time at raves or art galleries, and start your day with meditation or black coffee, we wanted to create a perfume that becomes a permanent article of your everyday.

Six perfumes, six archetypes. But only you decide what your unique combination smells like.

The Lexicon of Eternity consists of six archetypal perfumes.


While all of the perfumes in this collection work on their own, they can also be layered. The layering creates an endless spectrum of unique combinations that fully express the personality of their owner. Resonating with Alexmonhart’s philosophy, The Lexicon of Eternity strives to become a permanent article of your being.

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    One of the most outstanding Czech hairdressers, Daniel Pašek, is a true Avantgardist with a remarkable collection of hats. In his work, Daniel pushes the boundaries of the craft with incredible precision. Instead of following trends, he creates them. We love his unabashed creativity and optimism, fueled by Daniel’s motorcycle rides. 


    We’ve known Mira Romaniv for a long time. So long that we can safely say that he is a pure Minimalist. As a renowned Czech stylist, he has an unmistakable instinct for exceptional cuts and materials. He can recognize beauty even in simplicity, characteristic of our collaborative collection as well. If you ask us, Mira’s calm and elegant energy is his signature accessory. 



    Based in Prague, Katarzia is an artist, music producer and a singer from the land of dreams.  In her music, she drifts between melancholy and soulful lyrics, as well as cheerfulness and openness. Katarzia is a Dreamer. She doesn’t let herself be limited by genres and conventions, balancing on the verge of acoustics, electro, and jazz. She has already created six distinctive albums — and we love every single one of them.


    A Ritualist with capital R, Terezie is an inimitable cellist and a model. What we love about Terezie is the intense relationship she has with herself. Tender yet unapologetic, she opens intimate topics with disarming honesty. Terezie is not afraid to dive into depths where others dare not. Together with her dog Stark, she lives in her own world, full of rituals.


    The artist and musician Anna Ruth spends her nights in her studio. As a Raver, she sees in the dark — even things that are hidden to others. Her paintings are full of mysticism and unsettling flowers, while her acoustic music tempts us to escapism. Anna’s art is unique thanks to her strong connection with her own body and intuition. Collecting success on the international art scene, she still remains true to her own rhythm.


    A true Thinker, Lukáš Novák is a multidisciplinary artist and glass-lover with a great passion for art and history. With a strong focus on glass, Lukáš backs all of his designs with thorough research, material investigation, and storytelling. It is the stories that matter a lot to Lukáš. According to him, glass can convey emotions and thoughts through its form. Lukáš also contemplates this on his walks through Stromovka, accompanied only by his thoughts and his dog Fluff.