We are minimalists, always considering your needs.
We create timeless designs while continuously seeking the impossible.
We explore trends and aim to elevate them.
We demand elegance, function, and quality that outlast us.
We focus is on enduring objects, innovating them as society evolves.
We ensure you stand out, no matter where you go or what you wear.
We are visionaries.
We are unisex.
We are Alexmonhart.

Behind the brand is designer Alexandra Steklík Monhartová, thanks to whom Alexmonhart was nominated for Czech and international awards in the past, including Czech Grand Design and Roots of European Design. Alexandra herself was recognized by Forbes Česko in the “30 under 30” ranking for her achievements. The other half of the team is Daniel Steklík, a graduate in Media Studies, Marketing Communications, and Public Relations, and currently a student of Strategic Communications at Charles University. He is responsible for sales, brand management, and marketing.

Alexmonhart. Founded 2017 in Prague. 


Permanent Articles of Your Being


We are Alexmonhart, and we adhere to the Principles of Ten.

Innovative. Our designs go full circle. From research to rebirth. 

Useful. Paring down your closet, Alexmonhart fits all seasons of your life.

Aesthetic.Trends are transient, tranquility is timeless. 

Understandable. Unisex. Understated. 

Unobtrusive. Luxury is never loud. 

Honest. We will let this one speak for itself.

Long-lasting. Our articles should and will outlive you.

Thorough — down to the last detail. Because precision is the most lavish thing you can buy. 

Environmentally friendly. Made from Italian leather, all of Alexmonhart is hand-crafted in the Czech Republic. 

Good design is as little design as possible. Good accessories are complements of eternity.