(EN) SOFFA MAGAZINE: Alexmonhart x sofya samareva: hatback

As you know, at SOFFA we like unique styles that present something fresh and unimaginable. Sofya Samareva and Alexmonhart's cooperation embodies a new, creative idea.


Alexmonhart, the Czech design backpack hero, and Sofya Samareva, designer of untraditional hats, joined forces and together created Hatback. Hatback was presented during the spring Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week and connects elegant material of classic hats with the fresh siluette and spirit of streetwear. They are formed by hand, the front part is made out of the finest hatter's material - rabbit fur, and the back side is 100% cotton.


Hatback was created on the edge of high-end streetwear, which connects streetwear with high-end processing and exceptional materials. And it's perfect for autumn walking around the concrete urban jungle or joining evening gala.

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By: Patrik Florian | Edit: Bridget Keane | Photo: Sofya Samareva archive

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