Porsche and Vogue have teamed up to celebrate 75 years since the first Porsche 356 sports car. We were approached together with Zuzana Kubíčková, Janja Prokic and Monika Krobová to create the so-called Driver’s Outfit. We complemented the silk suit, leather gloves and gold ring with aquamarine and diamonds with an all-leather weekender with a detachable crossbody bag.

I imagined a scenario where the wearer would take it out of town for a long weekend. The backpack is left in the hotel room and she leaves for dinner with just her purse in hand. She doesn’t need anything else. She has everything important with her. Variability, symmetry and timelessness are the values on which I built the design and which perfectly link the Porsche and Alexmonhart brands. I chose a combination of smooth and grained leather in a monochromatic colour scheme. The Weekender thus looks elegant and sporty at the same time, just like the interior of the car that inspired me.

The weeekender


Aneta Benediktová

Anežka Horová

Ivan Kašša