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Temporary Escape: Pop In!

The first event in our new space at Kozí 3 took place after eight months of endless waiting for pandemic to give us a rest so we could catch a fresh breath without masks together with our dearest friends and customers.

Those who came to our resurrected Temporary Escape session have enjoyed a launch of the latest collaboration with Lucie Koldova and could appreciate the new showroom designed by Monika Vojtovičová with support of Konsepti.

And as we like finding new enjoyable things for you we have prepared popping gourmet snacks from Zigmundo and bio homemade Cider Kliment that freshened up the past hot days.

To get back, listen to our beautiful friend behind the decks, Fabian sans. We invite you to walk through this happy event once again via his amazing set, which starts slowly so we can open our eyes and realize this unbelievable moment of us gathering together at one place again and then seize the joy and happiness sparking in our hearts that melted in one warm and fuzzy beating piece.

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