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ALEXMONHART X Vinyl Kink X Carelabel Records // CARE001 EP Release

Our dear friends on Czech music scene, Daniel Steklík and Jan Vondřička from Carelabel Records, decided to release their very first vinyl, Oliver Torr - Muswell EP [CARE001] during our Vinyl Pop Up Store with records store Vinyl Kink.

We were honored to host a live performance of Oliver Torr himself and his friend from Harmony Rec., Alfred Czital. Release is for sale in-store and online where you can order either the limited vinyl in textile sleeve or a paper sleeve. See more at Support your local scene.

PS: Alex from Alexmonhart is currently working with Carelabel Records on textile sleeve development for their new releases. Alexmonhart Studiostore is a place where music and fashion goes hand in hand.

Product photography: Tomáš Slavík @tomasslavik_photo Event photography: Kien Supertramp @that.longhair.asian

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