Copenhagen Fashion Week with Alexmonhart on my shoulder

Every fashion week is slightly different. In some places, you will find more trash kids (Hello, Berlin!), or more Prada bags (Hey, London!). After several seasons, Prague is becoming more authentic, mature and in favour of young local designers (Yay, Prague!).

As a member of Fashion MAP team, web page mapping local fashion scene, this particular bubble is naturally interesting for me. Not only it has my attention but I also take much more interest in comparing Prague with other cities, their fashion week aesthetics and talents from abroad.

That’s the reason why I love travel so much.

 @silviahaupt / ph: @sjuloves

Fashion is blending two things I love to do the most: discovering new places and networking. Thanks to low cost flight tickets and friends around the world, it is fairly easy to do. Well, almost easy, to be honest. Packing is the thing that bothers me the most about this whole process. After and all, you need to have something nice but also comfortable enough to survive the whole day in it. You need to know exactly what outfit to wear every day and how to put it all in one small on board luggage. It seems like only stylist is able to pass this task. I guess the only good approach to this situation is to pack only what seems to be in some way variable. And that applies to everything.  

 1. Shoes that are practical and also fitting with all your outfits. Thank god for 90’s streetwear trend, sneakers can be worn with grace to work or to a fashion show and after-party

2. Dress which is suitable for airtravel as well as an opening event. If you find something warm and breathable enough at the same time to survive the weather changes, you score!

3. Backpack for some afternoon work at a cafe that can later be fold into a clutch for the evening. Yes, that’s Alexmonhart backpack.

In 2015, I had the pleasure to be one of the first who took it on their back and I’m more then happy to continue the tradition. I took ALEXMONHART backpack everywhere in Copenhagen, I swear. If you plan on visiting this beautiful city filled with even more beautiful people and great design, there are some places you shouldn't miss:

@silviahaupt / ph: @sjuloves

Papiroen, the Paper Island

This industrial zone was a place when all the paper for Danish newspaper was stocked. Since 2012 it has become a cultural hub with galleries, street food festivals, start-up hubs etc. When you think of easy Friday night with good food and a drink while sitting on a lounger and watching the sunset, this is the place to visit!


Superkilen is probably one of the most photographed places in Copenhagen (maybe right after the little mermaid statue from Andersen’s tale). It is a modern exhibition transferred from closed space to open space. This „park“ combines several  thematic parts and should serve as an inspiration to other cities on how to embellish their districts and show art even at places you would not expect it.

Hay design house

I honestly don’t understand how it happened but Scandinavians breed countless number of amazing designers in all segments of applied art. HAY design is a two floor building / showroom, where you instantly feel you want to try everything, touch everything and most importantly, you just want to own it.

Atelier September

Mini brunch, coffee place, where you get the best breakfast and above all, it just look great. Like almost everything in this city. This is a really Instagram worthy moment and a wonderful meal to start your day with. What is great about this place is they are opened only till 4pm. So not only you will enjoy the day, but the service too.


Text written by Sivia Haupt Kozoňová / @silviahaupt

Photography by Zuzana Jánošová / @sjuloves